Project Fiasco

Our story

The definition of a FIASCO is something planned that goes wrong, it is not a natural disaster but the result of human failure. We have created a Fiasco of our environment. It is time we do whatever we can to fix the fiasco!

PROJECT FIASCO was started with the sole purpose of helping the environment. We use at least 50% of our profits to fund pollution solutions. We can’t keep calm! This can’t carry on! Everyone must do their part, whatever they choose to do to help our planet. The proof is out there we cannot ignore the fiasco humans have made on this planet any longer.

Our Mission

  • Promote Change – We can’t keep calm! This can’t carry on! We need change to help our planet.
  • Propel Education – Education is the key to the survival of our planet. Plants and animals need us all to know more about what they need to flourish and recover.
  • Provoke Conversations – Our hope is that people continue to have discussions on how to help our planet. Our books put the environment in the minds of the readers. By sparking conversations we will learn a lot from one another.
  • We use our profit towards the environment. We have many pollution solutions planned. If you have an idea we would love to hear from you.

Our team

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Cynthia Weeks

Writer & Founder

Cynthia created Project Fiasco and wrote these books to fund pollution solutions. As a teacher she knows the value of a good story to spark conversation and interest. She hopes Project Fiasco both educates and promotes change. Cynthia hopes you enjoying reading the series as much as she enjoyed writing them.

Bilal Çinar


Bilal loves painting, designing, and the environment so this project was a perfect match for him. He is based in Istanbul but his work can be found in many different parts of the world. He hopes you get pleasure from looking at his illustrations in the books. We are proud to have him as the illustrator and member of our team.

Mina Rouatab

Project Coordinator

Mina is excited to be a part of Project Fiasco. With her team in Morocco she is planting trees for cleaner air and cleaning beaches to prevent garbage from entering the ocean. Mina is also educating children and women in her area on how to help our planet. She is a pollution warrior.

Valentina Luvara


Valentina shares her ideas and knowledge about the environment and children. With her eminence experience in teaching and background in developmental studies and international relations she advises on book publishing while being support for our pollution solutions.

Zoe Clements


Zoe handles the business administration tasks of Project Fiasco from Melbourne. As a mother and teacher she sees the importance of looking after our environment and teaching children to do the same. Zoe hopes by having open discussions about the climate crisis at an early age we create pollution warriors.

Chiara Bertoni


Chiara is proud of being part of the Project Fiasco team. She is a teacher, a translator and a mom who hopes for a brighter future for our planet. She believes that using stories to educate children about respecting the environment is key to a cleaner and better world. She hopes that by overcoming language barriers the message of conserving the environment can be passed to children all over the world.

Learn About Our Pollution Solutions

We are excited to fund these projects. By purchasing one of our products, you can help these initiatives continue.